Southern Ghost Girls Tours and Paranormal Investigations, LLC

The Southern Ghost Girls Tours and Paranormal Investigations, LLC is a tour and paranormal investigation team lead by founder and investigator Lesley Ann. The team investigates homes, historical landmarks, museums and other places in the Southern United States that are known to have or have had a history of Unexplained happenings and paranormal phenomena. We use a scientific approach in our tours and investigations to record any findings that we get using specialized equipment. After years of doing tours and investigations with other groups , Founder Lesley Ann decided it was time that she start up a group of her own to lead her own investigations. She has always enjoyed history tours of fascinating places so she decided to merge that with paranormal investigations that others could also be a part of.

Ever since Lesley Ann was a child she has had happen to her what people call “experiences” of the unknown. She has always had the gift of having a very good intuition about things and has used this gift to her advantage to help others. The team does not delve into participating in any dark or evil phenomenon and strictly uses a scientific approach when doing investigations and research. Our teams participants are all women of Faith and of good moral character. We are all just curious to see if we can record metaphysical phenomena or unexplained happenings . We invite you to book one of our tours and investigations today.