Southern Ghost Girls Tours and Paranormal Investigations, LLC to Host Tours of Arlington Antebellum Home

The public is invited to join The Southern Ghost Girls Tours and Paranormal Investigations, LLC this Halloween season as they lead two separate tours and paranormal investigations of the historic Arlington Antebellum Home in Birmingham, Alabama on Saturday, Oct. 20 and Saturday, Oct. 27.

Tours begin at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. each night at the old plantation home, which is steeped in rich history and is said to be the only home in Birmingham to have survived the Union burnings that took place during the American Civil War. The Southern Ghost Girls Tours and Paranormal Investigations, LLC have partnered with the City of Birmingham for the events.

“It’s a live, interactive, historical haunted ghost tour and paranormal investigation,” said Lesley Ann, founder and lead investigator of The Southern Ghost Girls Tours and Paranormal Investigations, LLC Tours & Paranormal Investigations, a small team of Alabama women with a passion for Southern history and investigating unexplained or paranormal activity. “The home and its land have a very interesting past that many people don’t know about, especially during the Civil War. We share the history of it; tell the folks about the unexplained things that have happened there and let everyone do a live paranormal investigation using the instruments we provide. We use EMF, EVP recorders and other specialized equipment.”

She said the three team members are dedicated to providing a fun, safe, educational, and interactive experience for participants of all ages and will be instantly recognizable in their Antebellum era attire. “I’ve participated in tours in other cities, and I would watch the ghost or paranormal shows and think: ‘We can do all of this!'” Lesley Ann said. “Most of them were groups of men doing the investigations, so I wondered why females can’t do this, dress up in period costumes, and have a lot of fun doing it at the same time! And since people are so intrigued by the South and its culture, I thought it would be fun to combine the two concepts. Besides, I think if you’re trying to contact any kind of spirits of that time period, why not try to relate to them by wearing what someone would wear during that time period?”

            She added that the group is actively seeking other haunted historical places around North Alabama to conduct future tours and investigations. “We plan to take our tours and investigations all over places in Alabama and share the stories and experiences with people who are interested in things like this,” Lesley Ann said. “I hope to expand to other Southern cites also in the future.”

            The Arlington Antebellum Home is located at 331 Cotton Avenue SW in Birmingham. Tickets cost $25 per person and can be purchased either online or directly at the event.

To purchase tickets, or for more information about The Southern Ghost Girls Tours and Paranormal Investigations, LLC, including upcoming tours and events, visit their official website at Also, stay tuned for their upcoming television series on Alabama Sweet TV.